Kickstarter Campaign 207% Funded!

Kickstarter Campaign 207% Funded! I’m happy to announce that our Kickstarter ended last Friday at 207% funded and we made four stretch goals!!  Emily is busy working on the last one which is a color portrait of Granville Woods. I will post it when it is done. If you are still interested in pledging, email […]

Kickstarter To Print Chapter 6 Ends Nov. 6 Noon (PST)

Kickstarter Ends Nov. 6th at Noon (PST) As you can imagine, this whole month has been about running the Kickstarter. The campaign will end this Friday, Nov. 6 at Noon (PST). I’m happy to announce that we are over 190% funded and have reached four stretch goals. A big thank you to Scott Baker for […]