Tesla Fan Art – Boston Metaphysical Society

Tesla Fan Art – Boston Metaphysical Society Wow! Angel Velasquez has been busy these past few weeks.  He’s come up with this totally fun illustration of Nikola Tesla. Be sure to check out his other work at: http://doodleschickensoupfortheartist.blogspot.com/ Upcoming Events: Support The Independents! A special signing at Emerald Knights Comic and Game Store, 4116 Burbank […]

Boston Metaphysical Ch. 5 Progress Report

Boston Metaphysical Ch. 5 Progress Report I just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of Chapter 5… 1. Emily has finished up to page 15. She has to prep for a Con next weekend, but expects to be back on the project right after that. (Though she is going to try […]

Boston Metaphysical Society Chapter 5 Update!

Boston Metaphysical Society Chapter 5 Update! I’m happy to report that Emi is feeling much better and is back in the saddle again. She turned in pages 10-12 this week and I already have notes back to her. Pages 1-6 are also colored, so we are moving forward albeit slowly. Here’s a glimpse of Chapter […]

Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art By Ana King

Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art By Ana King This piece of fan art for Boston Metaphysical was created by Ana King and is an awesome depiction of Caitlin hunting demons and ghosts in the dark. Oh wait! I think she found one. A big thank you to Ana King for spending her time and talent […]

The Demons of Liberty Row and Kickstarter Updates!

The Demons of Liberty Row and Kickstarter Updates! I’m happy to announce that my new Boston Metaphysical Society novella The Demons of Liberty Row Kickstarter reward has been sent to those who backed those particular reward tiers. A DropBox link has been sent through Kickstarter messaging. If you have trouble downloading it, please let me […]

Kickstarter Updates and Comic Reviews

Kickstarter Updates, Comic Reviews and Upcoming Events It’s been a very busy year so far and there is more to come. Many of the Kickstarter Rewards have been sent out: PDFs, posters, pins (both types) and the tea. The new novella THE DEMONS OF LIBERTY ROW is with my editor and should be available to […]

MIEL Fan Art for Boston Metaphysical Society

MIEL Fan art for Boston Metaphysical Society One of the best things about comics and the internet is that you are able to meet talented people from all over the world. This is the case with MIEL an artist from Indonesia. She graciously drew this portrait of Caitlin, but also allowed me to use it […]

Kickstarter Rewards Update And More!

Kickstarter Rewards Update! Emily is now up to page 15 on Chapter 4, so things are pretty much on schedule. I”ll know more once it goes the colorists. 🙂 In the meantime, for those who have ordered the Boston Metaphysical Society Black Tea Special Package, the tea is being mailed out tomorrow. I hope you […]

Boston Metaphysical Kickstarter Goal Reached!!

BOSTON METAPHYSICAL KICKSTARTER GOAL REACHED!! A huge thank you to everyone who backed, tweeted, posted and helped spread the word. We ended up at 235% funded and that’s because of you! So thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are the best fans ever. 🙂 So now comes the next stage where I have to […]

Granville Woods Blog and the BTS Radio Show

Granville Woods – American Inventor; BTS Radio Show This month I’ve had the pleasure of participating in an event called STEAMPUNK HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD on Facebook and various other blogs. The idea is to exhibit art, literature and blogs about different cultural aspects of steampunk.  It’s been a fascinating and enlightening event that many […]

Krypton Radio and A Place to Hang Your Cape

Krypton Radio and A Place To Hang Your Cape Interviews The best part about running a Kickstarter Campaign is that you have the opportunity to meet new people who work (or play) in the comic or science fiction/steampunk community in some fashion.  It is so fabulously diverse that I know each and every interview will […]

New Kickstarter Reward Level!

New Kickstarter Reward Level for Boston Metaphysical Society I’m pleased to announce that we have a new reward level!  It’s called the IF I WERE CAITLIN I’D DEFINITELY WEAR THIS OWL LOCKET package.  This is a Kickstarter Exclusive and you will not find it anywhere else. (Limit 5) It includes all of the Bell Package […]

Boston Metaphysical Society Kickstarter Fully Funded After Only Two Days!

Boston Metaphysical Society Kickstarter Funded! I’m humbled, stunned and amazed that in less than 48 hours the Boston Metaphysical Society Kickstarter was fully funded.  Thank you to everyone who backed, posted and tweeted. You are truly awesome! But we are not done yet! We’ve got terrific stretch goals and the first one is the Boston […]


Ron Leary was the first person to ever do fan art for BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY, I was thrilled when he agreed to do the interview.  You can view his fan art and interview here: RON LEARY ART AND INTERVIEW BLEEDING COOL also had a nice article on steampunk at the Comikaze Expo last weekend in […]


Today I want to welcome STEPHEN MCGEE the creator of RAINDOG.  He made my red-eyed demon look empathetic which I found remarkable. 🙂  He also has an interesting take on the dinosaur question. Be sure to check out his interview. You can view it here:  KICKSTARTER UPDATE #8 We also have some pretty special upper […]


KICKSTARTER UPDATE! Once again the fan art contributors are faced with the age old question of what dinosaur would they ride into battle and why. Eric Crowe from THE HAT AND FAT answers that question and…so does his wife? Please watch these two amazing people charm the pants off of you. Then after they do […]


#Kickstarter Update #1 – I decided that for my Kickstarter updates that I would focus on the wonderful artists who contributed their work to the incentive packages. First up is Jules Rivera who recently had a successful Kickstarter for her comic MISFORTUNE HIGH. I ask her the all consuming question…what dinosaur would you ride into […]

Off to APE in San Francisco!

I’m leaving for APE early tomorrow. Please visit Table 400 as I will have chapters one and two available as well as buttons of Samuel, Caitlin, Granville and TESLA! But the big news is the run up to the Kickstarter Campaign which I hope to launch on Oct. 16th. Those who attend APE will have […]