Born in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Troy Peteri moved to Los Angeles heeding the call of comic books. That call is as low-paying as it sounds.

With each passing year he has loved working in comics more and more, and has enjoyed the taste of Top Ramen and value meals less and less.

But on the plus side, he’s had his name in many, many comics and trade paperbacks. Which still geeks him out.

The more well-known comics include Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, and roughly 98% of all the comics from Top Cow Productions for the last 6+ years. He also co-wrote (and lettered) a mini-series for Radical Comics called Abattoir.

He hopes to write more comics in the near future, as soon as they find a way to put more than 24 hours in a day. He can be reached on Twitter @troypeteri.