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Please see blog post below this one for current news. *** The Boston Metaphysical Society: The Book of Demons is now LIVE! I’m happy to announce that the Kickstarter Campaign to print Boston Metaphysical Society: The Book of Demons and to produce our new lapel pin — The Plague Doctor — is now live! Kickstarter […]

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For updated information, please read blog under this one. Thank you.   I’m happy to announce that the new Boston Metaphysical Society story, Ghosts and Demons and our new coloring book is now live on Kickstarter and will end on Feb.21. We are at 77% so please back, share, and retweet if you can. Thank […]

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**For The Latest News, See Blog Post Below This One.** Boston Metaphysical Society: The Spirit of Rebellion Kickstarter is now LIVE! I’m happy to announce that the new Boston Metaphysical Society story, The Spirit of Rebellion is now live on Kickstarter and will end on Feb.22. Even better, we are already funded and heading toward […]

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*For More Recent Updates See Blog Post Below This One After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the print version of The Scourge of the Mechanical Men is available at Storenvy.  If you’d like the digital version, then hop on over to Drivethrucomics. Gwynn is on board for the next one-shot which will feature Caitlin O’Sullivan and […]

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Hi Everyone: I wanted to share the latest news… With Kickstarter rewards sent off, the Boston Metaphysical Society Trade Paperback is now for sale through Storenvy.  It includes all six issues, the cover art from each issue along with a ten page bonus story called, Hunter-Killer. That bonus story introduces three new characters and features […]

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Last page of Chapter 6! What’s next for Boston Metaphysical Society? I can’t believe it. After a little over three years, the final chapter in our six issue mini-series is now done. What’s next, you ask? Well, we have a few surprises in the hopper, but what I can tell you now is that I […]

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Can “The Shifter” be stopped? Find out in this new page! Since we are at San Diego Comic Con next week, I will not be uploading the last page of Chapter 6 until July 28. If you are at SDCC, please stop by our table in Artist Alley (AA-20) and say “Hi.” If you are […]

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The team strikes back against “The Shifter”! New page up! We are closing in on the final chapter of this story arc of Boston Metaphysical Society. I can’t wait to post the last page in a few weeks! In the meantime, I reviewed the steampunkish TPB, The Steam Man, from Dark Horse comics. You can […]

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Caitlin fights back! New page up! Gearing up for SDCC 2016. I’m thrilled with the new banner. This is our third one and every time we learn something new. (Like remembering to put the URL on it. Hahaha.) I also managed to squeeze in a review of Snowfall #5. I’m enjoying this story quite a […]

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Who will help Samuel defeat “The Shifter?” New page up! Phoenix Comic Con was a blast! I participated in two panels: Steampunk Graphic Novels and The Future of Steampunk Literature. And of course, there was a zombie invasion. And even better steampunk cosplay. Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con was cooler than Phoenix if you can […]

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Can Samuel be saved? New page up! What a busy two weeks. First Clockwork Alchemy, which is part of Fanime, then Phoenix Comic Con. Clockwork was terrific as I got to see many of my Northern California steampunk peeps. Great fans and authors everywhere! My favorite cosplay was this Steampunk Harley Quinn. Phoenix was a […]

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The ghosts of Samuel’s past are back. New page up! Whedonopolis was great fun last weekend and a terrific turnout for their first Con. A big thank you to the staff who worked very hard to make it all come together.  Here’s a pic: The puppet Cthulhu was made by Baron’s Beauties. I also met […]

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Samuel’s past has come back to haunt him. New Page up! Hey SoCal Peeps: Be sure to come see me at Whedonopolis  this weekend (5/13-5/15) at the Airtel Hotel next to the Van Nuys Airport. It’s a fan driven charity event celebrating all things Joss Whedon. There will be some fabulous guests and I’ll be […]

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Run for your life! It’s “The Shifter!”  New Page Up! Yup, it’s a splash page folks with “The Shifter” in all his corporeal glory. There’s also a new award out called the Spacie Awards (on Facebook) and you can vote for us! So, please click on the link and scroll down to vote for BMS, […]

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What  will Caitlin discover? New Page Up! As April ends, I am gearing up for May as I hit the road again for more conventions. Some are small and local while Phoenix Comic Con will probably be huge and a good six hour drive. Whew! In the meantime, please catch up on my review of […]

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Chaos and anarchy threatens to engulf the Gardner House! New PageUp! I had a great Kickstarter Class over the weekend and met some terrific comic creators, illustrators and a film maker who were interested in learning about managing a Kickstarter. I will let you know when they launch. One of attendees, Jillian Altmeyer, is currently […]

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Will Caitlin get back to the Gardner House in time? New Page Up!   Kickstarter Class – April 16 Spaces are filling up quickly, so if you plan on coming, be sure to sign up. Email me at  to reserve your spot. The cost is $40 for about 2 ½ hour seminar. (There will […]

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Can Tesla be stopped? New Page Up! We had some very exciting news today! Boston Metaphysical was listed as one of “9 Feminist Comics Everyone Should Read” on the B&N SciFi & Fantasy Blog. I was blown away! Especially, since one of the other fabulous books is Monstress #1. I just finished reading it. It’s […]

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Can Granville and Samuel stop Tesla in time? Is Edison’s diversion enough? New page up! Last weekend was WonderCon at the Los Angeles Convention Center and fun was had by all. I was lucky to have my hubby along to help. He didn’t mind as he got a chance to talk to the guys from […]

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It’s Tesla vs. Edison in this new page! It was an amazing weekend at Silicon Valley Comic Con. I heard all attendance records were broken for the San Jose Convention Center.  It was a long drive up and back, but definitely worth it. Here’s a pic of a mother/daughter Rey cosplayers that I just loved. […]

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Has Tesla gone mad? Find out in this new page. Many of you have asked when we are going to print the trade paperback of Boston Metaphysical. Right now, we are looking at early next year. The TPB will include new material as well as “remastering” (a fancy word for editing) some of the pages. […]

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Will the team be able to stop Tesla? New page up! Another busy week ahead and a new review. Lantern City is up to issue eleven with only one more to go. Be sure to check out my review at Fanboy Comics.   Contract For Exposure For you artists out there, I’m sure you have […]