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BMPS-Chapter-6 Table of Contents

Run for your life! It’s “The Shifter!”  New Page Up!

Yup, it’s a splash page folks with “The Shifter” in all his corporeal glory.

There’s also a new award out called the Spacie Awards (on Facebook) and you can vote for us! So, please click on the link and scroll down to vote for BMS, Emily and myself under the Best Indie Comic, Best Indie Comic Writer and Best Indie Comic Artist. Thank you!

Spacie Awards – VOTE HERE

And remember, Chapter 6 is available in print at StoreEnvy. It includes all of Chapter 6 along with 2 pages of bonus material that you can’t get online. Plus, it’s nice to hold it in your hands. 🙂

Boston Metaphysical Society Chapter 6 Cover

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