Character Biographies


Samuel Hunter.

A man full of ambition and the smarts to back it up. His job as a Pinkerton detective allowed him to explore, live life and travel until the unthinkable happened.

His attention to detail and ability to note even the smallest inconsistencies in people’s testimony and behavior led him to move out of strike busting quickly and work his way up.

But his life changed dramatically when he was hired to protect Jonathan Weldsmore’s only daughter, Elizabeth.

A Boston Brahmin family, they had wealth and political connections that mere mortals could not dream of and Samuel was not ready for the price he would have to pay for entering this world.


Caitlin O’Sullivan

An Irish Catholic girl from South Boston. Raised by immigrant parents, her father was a spirit photographer and Medium whose gifts she inherited.

Her mother was in denial about what her father did and considered it to be the work of the devil. Caitlin hides her gift from her mother to protect herself and her father’s memory.

Granville T. Woods

Granville T. Woods.

An African-American scientist who is Samuel’s partner and only friend.

He provides Samuel with steampunk and state-of-the-art technology to fight and kill the ghosts, evil spirits and general mayhem that Samuel deals with.

Jonathan Weldsmore

Jonathan Weldsmore

The father of Samuel’s dead wife, Elizabeth.

A powerful force in Boston politics, he once supported Samuel’s quest, but after five years he is ready to move on and has begun to doubt what Samuel saw the night Elizabeth was killed.


A secret organization of scientists comprised of Bell, Edison, Tesla and Houdini.

They are aware of the entity that killed Samuel’s wife and want to study it for scientific reasons.

During the course of the series they will play a major role in Samuel’s future. But right now they are watching Samuel to determine if they want to bring him into the fold.

However, each scientist has their own agenda.

Alexander Graham-Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

The founding member of the group. Solid, conservative.

He believes in a slow methodical approach to every problem which often drives his colleagues’ nuts.

Bell believes Samuel’s detective skills would be helpful to B.E.T.H.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Arrogant and egotistical. Not above stealing from those smarter than he is, Edison hates the idea of bringing Samuel into the group because Granville sued him after Edison stole some of his patents.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla.

Like Samuel, all he wants to do is kill “The Shifter.” But unlike Samuel, he is not above using extreme and violent measures in his quest.

He considers Samuel to be beneath him in every way and initially does not want anything to do with him.


Harry Houdini

As forward thinking as Tesla, but more altruistic and with less violent ways.

He believes the group needs Samuel’s experience and insight in order to trap and if necessary kill the entity.

A man with a more humane perspective, Houdini uses his insight into human behavior to help the group.

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