Kickstarter for the Independent Creator

Kickstarter for the Independent Creator - 2nd Edition Cover

Kickstarter for the Independent Creator

Having successfully funded eleven Kickstarters for her comic Boston Metaphysical Society, writer/creator, Madeleine Holly-Rosing shares her very specific and practical strategies for running a successful crowdfunding campaign with a goal of under 10K in this second expanded edition.

Ms. Holly-Rosing has also taught this as a class at Pulp Fiction Books and Comics in Culver City, as well as lectured at Scriptwriters Network and Dreamworks Animation as well as other institutions.

The book covers choosing a platform, social media, public relations, preparing your email list, interviews/podcasts, reaching out at Comic Cons and other events, crunching those numbers, avoiding postage pitfalls as well as developing your Kickstarter homepage, pre-launch strategy, campaign strategy and fulfillment. The book is designed for individual creators who cannot afford to hire a team or a PR person.

Updated in 2020.

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