Audio Drama Update, Previews, and more!

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Audio Drama Update, Previews, and more!



For those of you who have friends and relatives who were not part of the Kickstarter campaign, The Spirit of Rebellion is now available to pre-order (#JUN211783) from your local comic book store or directly from Source Point Press.



We are fully cast!  And here they are. I’m so happy to have these talented actors on board. πŸ™‚

Supporting Cast of Boston Metaphysical Society: The Ghost Ship

Boyd Barrett as Charles Emerson

After decades of acting on stage, and in several short and feature films, Boyd Barrett has been focusing his talents in the world of voice acting and audiobook production. He’s done a number of film roles and won Best Actor in the Roswell Sci-Fi Digital Shootout in 2011. Boyd has voiced dozens of characters for audio dramas as well as producing some of his own.

Ryan Hoyle as Jimmie McClaren (and Longshoreman)

Ryan Hoyle is a Texas based voice actor known for appearing in independently produced visual novels, animations and podcasts.  Most recently in the podcasting sphere he appeared as college student Dexter Sullivan in The Path Down, produced by Leslie Gideon.  Originally a theater kid, he transitioned to voice work mostly because no one was going to cast this innocent looking face as Sweeney Todd.

And HB Gibson as Thomas Edison.

Multi-Talented Artist and Newark, New Jersey native, HB Gibson has been acting for 15 years with a diverse field in stage, off-Broadway and a variety of films. He has expanded his talents into voice-over and can be heard on the animated pilot episode of Dishes as the character of Walter Witherspoon and the trailer of the comic, Book of Lyaxia, as the character of Deimos Lyaxia. HB also can be heard in other exciting projects.

Additional Cast: Rob Davis, Bennett Cousins, Aud Andrews, David Tilstra, Alex Ross, Fiona Thrail, and Tal Minear.

2021 Events

(Note: Dates may change depending on the rollout of the vaccine.)

Silicon Valley Comic Con. San Jose Convention Center. Aug. 28-29

Fan Expo Boston. Boston Seaport Convention Center. Sept. 3-5
Rose City Comic Con. Oregon Convention Center, Portland OR. Sept. 10-12
Gaslight Expo. Mission Valley San Diego, CA. Sept. 30 – Oct.3