Boston Metaphysical Society Chapter 5 Update!

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Boston Metaphysical Society Chapter 5 Update!

I’m happy to report that Emi is feeling much better and is back in the saddle again. She turned in pages 10-12 this week and I already have notes back to her. Pages 1-6 are also colored, so we are moving forward albeit slowly.

Here’s a glimpse of Chapter 5:

Boston Metaphysical Society Ch. 5 panel

In the meantime, the novella is with my editor and I hope to get that back from her soon. The title of it is The Secret of Kage House.

I am also teaching a Kickstarter Class for Indie Creators this Saturday, 2:00 p.m. at Pulp Fiction in Culver City. You can sign up by calling Mike at (310) 572-6170. Cost is $40.

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Have a good week!