Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art

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Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art

It has come to my attention that many of you have not seen some of the fabulous fan art that I posted on the old website. So, I decided to give these wonderful artists a big shout out while we are on hiatus. First up is Jules Rivera. If you don’t know Jules, she is the talented writer and artist behind Valkyrie Squadron and Misfortune High.  She also was a great help to me at Comikazi last year as I was terribly ill and she not only gave me a break at my table, but drew Caitlin, Samuel and Granville on the back of some of my boards. (They went to some very happy to fans.)

Here is her rendition of Caitlin O’Sullivan.

BMS Fan Art By Jules Rivera

(Click on image to enlarge.)

This picture was included in some of the pdf packages of the BMS Kickstarter which ended on Feb. 21.

I will be posting a new piece of fan art next week after a get back from Wizard World Sacramento.