The Demons of Liberty Row and Kickstarter Updates!

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The Demons of Liberty Row and Kickstarter Updates!

I’m happy to announce that my new Boston Metaphysical Society novella The Demons of Liberty Row Kickstarter reward has been sent to those who backed those particular reward tiers. A DropBox link has been sent through Kickstarter messaging. If you have trouble downloading it, please let me know. A big thank you to Joselle Vanderhooft for copy editing.

The DEmons of Liberty Row Book Cover

If you did not receive the novella as part of you Kickstarter package and you would like to read it, it can be purchased as an ebook through Amazon, Nook, Smashwords (all ereader formats) and DrivethruFiction (pdf).

Status of Chapter 4: Half of the issue has been colored and I anticipate the other half being completed this week as well as receiving a rough of the cover from Emily. After that is completed, it has to go to the letterer, then production, then printing which will take at least two weeks including shipping. What that all means is I will not have the printed version of Chapter 4 until June sometime. However, I should be able to start uploading pages before the printed version arrives. Thank you all for your patience.