Kickstarter Shipping Update

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Kickstarter Shipping Update

I have some good news and not so good news.

The good news is that Ghosts and Demons and the coloring book are printed. The not so good news is that the warehouse closed the day before the books were to be shipped. Arg!  Right now, the warehouse is scheduled to reopen April 14 and start shipping things out, but as we all know that could change as well.  I will keep you informed.

What did arrive on my doorstep yesterday were the prints and they look terrific!

Kickstarter Pin Ups


Chocolate Tier: Niki C., please send me your address so Belle Monde can ship out your chocolate.

Commission Reward Tier:  If you have not sent me your photos and choice of clothing, please email it to me at

By the way, I miss seeing you all at Cons and I hope we are past this by the Fall.


2020 Events I Will Be Attending (So Far):

(Please double-check before attending as the event may be postponed due COVID-19.)

Denver Pop Culture. Denver Convention Center.  July 2-5

San Diego Comic Con. San Diego Convention Center. July 22-26

Rose City Comic Con. Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR.  Sept. 11-13

WhedonCon. LAX Hilton Oct. 30-Nov.1