Mystery at Pikes Peak and Lady Mechanika Update

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I am happy to announce that the first issue of Mystery at Pikes Peak is done!! Elisabeth is currently working on issue #2, so by the time we launch, she should be well into completing the art. Kaytee will probably start coloring once we get half the pages in.

Panel from Issue 1 of Mystery at Pikes Peak

Other special news is that I will be doing variant covers for the first time; one for each issue. I wanted to keep it small and manageable the first time out. I’ve also have some fabulous cover artists on board. Rio Burton and Steph C will be doing the variant covers, and Angela Wu is doing the four main covers for the entire series. I’m so excited to have these fabulous artists on board, and I know you will love with they have in store.

Right now, I’m still looking at a Wednesday, March 1 Kickstarter launch date to print issues one and two.


For those of you who may not have heard, I’m writing a four issue mini-series for Joe Benitez’s, Lady Mechanika, called The Secret Garden. Issues one and two have been turned in. I have drafts completed of issue three and four. I hope to have them both turned in by the end of the month. The way Marcia and Joe work is that I turn in the first round, Joe does the art, then I come back and revise dialogue as necessary. I don’t know yet what the production schedule is or if it will be on Kickstarter, but I’ll let you know when I do.

Next blog will include sneak peeks of cover art!!


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