Mystery at Pikes Peak Kickstarter Update

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I’m happy to announce that we are fully funded and heading toward our 4th stretch goal. So far, anyone who has pledged to a reward will be receiving an additional twelve (12) digital comics. For those who have pledged to a physical reward, they will also be receiving our TWO NEW BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY MAGNETS of the TESLA COIL and TESLA’S EXPERIMENTAL STATION.

Our next stretch goal is…(DRUM ROLL), a NEW BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY STAINLESS STEEL METAL BOOKMARK. This one will feature Tesla’s Experimental Station.

(Proof of Concept Image)

Tesla Experimental Station Metal Bookmark

Our next goal after that will be to upgrade it to a COPPER FINISH!

We will have a few limited reward tiers left. Be sure to jump on them so you don’t miss out. The Kickstarter ends March 30.



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