Character Sketches by Elisabeth Mkheidze

New Artist Introduction

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Gwynn, who I adore, now has two children under the age of three and is swamped with work. So, we both decided it was time to part ways. I can’t say enough good things about her, but life marches on.

So I’d like to introduce you to our new artist, Elisabeth Mkheidze, who will be doing the art for our next four issue mini-series, Boston Metaphysical Society: Mystery at Pike’s Peak.  More on Elisabeth later. Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek at her character sketches of Samuel, Granville, Caitlin, and Alma. 

Page 1 Panel 2

Elisabeth is an Illustrator from Tbilisi, Georgia with a BA in fine arts and currently working on her Masters. She has been drawing since before she could talk, trying to copy Disney characters.  The love of comics began with the introduction of Franco/Belgian titles and a lot of manga. The shift to fine arts happened in school, where she learned the fundamentals of art and its many philosophies. She was reintroduced to comics by a friend in the third year of her bachelors course in the Tbilisi State Academy of Art. They made one of the first indie comics in the country and are continuing to build a love of the medium with a small group of talented creatives. 

She is currently working on issue 1. My plan right now is to run a Kickstarter for issues 1 and 2 in early Spring 2023 and another one in the fall for issues 3 and 4.

More to come soon!