New Boston Metaphysical Society Graphic Novel

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New Boston Metaphysical Society Graphic Novel

I’m happy to announce that the new graphic novel will be called Boston Metaphysical Society: Ghosts and Demons. I have brought the gang back together again, so you will be seeing Samuel, Granville, and Caitlin in this story. And I loved Alma so much from the previous issue, that I decided to make her a part of it as well.  By the time you read this, the script will be in Gwynn’s hands and I’ll post art when I can. The story is another sequel standalone, but is based on a short story I wrote for the anthology Some Time Later, called, Here Abide Monsters.

The Kickstarter for this short graphic novel will launch mid-January 2020.


Boston Metaphysical Society #5 in PreviewsWorld


Boston Metaphysical Society #5 Cover


The fifth issue from the original mini-series is now available in the September PreviewsWorld! (Order #SEP191985) (Delivery in November.)

Upset over Samuel working with Tesla, Caitlin quits and hurries home only to face her mother’s fury over her working for the Boston Metaphysical Society. Granville approaches an old foe for help, and Samuel is called away to deal with a haunting in one of the Great Houses. But is something else going on?

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