New Panel Art and Pin Design

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New Panel Art and Pin Design

I love it when I have art to share. Here is Granville and Alma back in Boston with one of Granville’s new weapons in the upcoming Boston Metaphysical Society: Ghosts and Demons. (Samuel and Caitlin are in the background.) Gwynn has finished the art up to page 26 of the 35 page story, so she is almost there. I can’t wait until she starts coloring!

Ghosts and Demons Panel 2

The Kickstarter for this short graphic novel will launch mid-January 2020.


New Lapel Pin Design


Boston Metaphysical Soceiyt - Bowler Hat LapelPin

And we have a new pin design to add to our upcoming Kickstarter. A big thank you to Kirk D. for the idea and an even bigger thank you to Bill Meahan for designing the pin.
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