Post-Campaign Update and More!

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Post-Campaign Update and More!

Once again, thank you to everyone who who backed, tweeted, posted, and shared the campaign. And a special thanks to my cross-promotion partners. You are all awesome.

The files for Boston Metaphysical Society Vol. 2 are off to the printer for pre-flight. What that means is the files will be reviewed to make sure there are no errors. If there are any, they will let me know and it will be corrected. If everything is fine, then I’m sent a proof to approve. When I give my approval, it is then put in queue to be printed. I will keep everyone posted on the progress, though I’m waiting on Kickstarter to send me the funds. That should happen in another week, then I will start ordering the pins, magnets, and metal bookmarks.


I will be vending at Hellmouth Con from June 3-5 at the LAX Hilton. It’s a small, but super fun con. If you are local to Los Angeles (which means anywhere in Southern California), please come join us and stop by and say hi.



We are still fleshing out the plot and should be going to outline soon.  It’s an absolute joy to be working with Marcia Chen and Joe Benitez!  I know you will love the story. More to come on that when it’s appropriate.

2022 Events

Hellmouth Con – June 3-5. LAX Hilton

FanExpo Denver – July 1-3 (Pending)

Emerald City Comic Con – August 18-21 (Pending)

San Diego Comic Con – July 21-24. San Diego Convention Center

More to come…