The Trade Paperback is Coming!

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The Trade Paperback is Coming!

After crunching numbers, I am happy to announce that the Boston Metaphysical Society trade paperback is coming in early 2017. We wanted it to be special, so I am including a brand new ten page sequential art story introducing three new characters. The story takes place at the beginning of the House Wars (the BMS version of the Civil War) and will feature an airship battle!

Originally, I’ve had this idea of writing a novella about an airship crew fighting for their life when my husband suggested that I write it as a ten page short and include it in the trade. So, I did. I’m happy to report that Emily Hu did the art for the story and the cover and Gloria Caeli is back handling the coloring.

The plan is to run a Kickstarter in late January/early February to off-set the cost of printing. I’m pulling together some cool reward tiers and there is a new lapel pin in the works. More information will be forth coming at a later date, but I hope you will help support our next crowdfunding campaign. Now on to the good stuff…

Here is a panel of our three main characters: Gwen Warrick, Emmet Rochester and Joaquin Medina.


Panel from Hunter Killer

Stay tuned for more info!

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