Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art By Ana King

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Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art By Ana King

This piece of fan art for Boston Metaphysical was created by Ana King and is an awesome depiction of Caitlin hunting demons and ghosts in the dark. Oh wait! I think she found one.

A big thank you to Ana King for spending her time and talent to do this.

Boston Metaphysical Fan Art By Ana King

(Click image to enlarge.)

Here’s a little bit about Ana from Ana…

I’m a Cold storage Warehouse Dock Worker that draws for the love of it ( And sometimes for cash ;D ) on the side. I’ve had a love for art since I was old enough to destroy paper with crayons. Basically a Cat Lady Hermit, I dwell in the shadows and hide behind my couch when people knock on my door. But I’m Friendly. I swear I don’t nibble anymore. But I do love cookies. I’ll nibble those.
If you want to reach me for commissions you can either trap me in a corner OR (Much easier way honestly) you can contact me online at:
My Twitter account
My DeviantArt   

Or my Email