Ninja and Pirate Fan Art

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Ninja and Pirate Fan Art For Boston Metaphysical Society

Joe Flanders has a special place in my heart as this was the first time I had ever been drawn into a comic. I look a little rotund, but we’ll let that slide…. 🙂   It also made me laugh out loud, which is not something that usually happens to me.

A little about Joe… he considers himself a rare species of mammal, most often seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This creature usually spends its time indoors, shying from the sunlight so much that there is much debate over whether or not the species is actually nocturnal. The daily routine of the Joe Flanders usually amounts to traveling several miles to sit stationary at a cube-shaped hovel for eight hours before traversing back to its den where it has been recorded drawing, penciling, inking, reading comics, playing video games, or socializing with his mate, few outsiders, and certain members of the canine breed.

Be sure to check out his comic at:

Here is the fan art:

Ninja and Pirate Fan Art By Joe Flanders

(Click image to enlarge.)

Joe’s Social Media Stuff:



Twitter: @ninjaandpiratecomic

Reddit: ninjaandpiratecomic