Boston Metaphysical Society: The Ghost Ship Available for Pre-Order

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Boston Metaphysical Society: The Ghost Ship Available for Pre-Order

Audio Drama Update

The good news is that all eight episodes are completed!!  I have reviewed them and there are some minor edits to be done; however, Chip had to leave town for two weeks and cannot get to the edits until the 19th. Fortunately, they are very minor and will not take him long. As I mentioned before, CDs will take a little longer as I have to wait until I can upload the final wav files and then there’s a two week production turn around and mailing.

If you missed the Kickstarter, it’s not too late to pre-order the cool flash drive or CD for the audio drama through Backerkit. FLAC files are available for the flash drive as well.

Other News – Next Graphic Novel Series

I’m happy to announce that I have a draft of the first issue of the next series. It is tentatively called, Boston Metaphysical Society: Mystery at Pikes Peak. (And yes, that means it will be set in Colorado Springs, CO.) Tesla will be back, and I’ll be introducing some cool new characters. I look forward to revealing more in the near future.

2022 Events

Wild Wild West Steampunp Convention – March 3-6, Tuscon, AZ

Clockwork Alchemy – March 18-20, Burlingame, CA

WonderCon – April 1 -3, Anaheim, CA

More to come…