Kickstarter Fulfillment Update and More!


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Kickstarter Fulfillment Update and More!

To date, over 90% of the physical rewards have been mailed.  I’m still missing about 35 surveys, so please check your inbox or message me for the link. I’d love to get these all out the door before the end of May.

USPS Tracking Numbers

It has come to my attention that for a few of you the tracking number perpetually says “Not Scanned.” Do not worry about that. Your package has been delivered to the post office by me personally. According to the manager at my local post office, they are so swamped they are bringing in extra trucks to move packages out before they are scanned at their branch. They are then entered into the system at a distribution center and that field will not change until after they have been delivered. I can confirm this as one of my reports lists the dates when the distribution center enters them into the system. Unfortunately, that information is not passed on through the regular tracking system.


I will be doing a talk this Friday, May 8:00 at 4:00 pm (PST) in the Facebook Group, Virtual SteamCon. You are welcome to join the group here.    I’ll be doing a Facebook Live to talk about corsets, comics, Kickstarters, and pretty much whatever you want.   Event Link:

That’s it for now.


2020 Events I Will Be Attending (So Far):

(Please double-check before attending as the event may be postponed due COVID-19.)

Rose City Comic Con. Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR.  Sept. 11-13

Gaslight Expo. Mission Valley Marriott, San Diego. Oct. 1-4

WhedonCon. LAX Hilton Oct. 30-Nov.1