New Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art

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New Boston Metaphysical Society Fan Art

Today we have some fan art of Caitlin O’Sullivan from the U.K.! Mr. Thomas Coleman was kind enough to submit this for everyone’s enjoyment. A little bit about him….

I am an artist from the south of England, I mainly work with pencil and markers as well as digitally. My main inspirations come from Sci-fi, mecha and nature. I love photography and enjoy documenting my surroundings when at home or traveling.

Thank you so much, Tom!  You can find more of his work on tumblr and Facebook.

Tom Coleman Fan Art for Boston Metaphsycial Society


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Update on Chapter 5…Emi is up to page 18!! There are a few edits to be done then they will be off to the colorist!

More to come!!!