New Fan Art For Boston Metaphysical Society

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New Fan Art For Boston Metaphysical Society

Ok, I admit it. I love the internet. (And not just because I hate shopping and this way I hardly ever have to go to an actual store to buy clothes.) I love it, because I can meet people I would never otherwise meet. From having a selling strategy session with a fellow creator in Italy, to discovering amazingly talented people in Kuwait. Which leads me to introduce you to Jenan…

Jenan is Kuwaiti, but spent a big part of her childhood in Boston. She said it was kind of lonely there so she started writing and illustrating these ridiculous stories when she ran out of real books to read. She studied Computer Engineering at KU, and that’s why her cousin nicknamed her “The Jenjineer.” She is currently a network engineer (for almost a year now) and an occasional graphic designer (just some free lance stuff like logos).

Here is her take on Caitlin O’Sullivan!

Caitlin O'Sullivan By Jenan for Boston Metaphysical Society

You can check out her Deviantart page for more illustrations.

Oh, and that creator from Italy… he sent me virtual flowers after our talk. 🙂


Do you want to read a free Boston Metaphysical Society story? Then check out The Clockwork Man over at The Pandora Society site. It will be part of an anthology I am compiling of all the Boston Metaphysical Society short stories and novellas.

More new fan art next week!