New Boston Metaphysical Fan Art!

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New Boston Metaphysical Fan Art!

Once again, twitter rules. I met Dan Butcher through Twitter as we retweeted each others tweets about comics, comic news, kickstarters and other fun stuff. My first glimpse of his work was on the webcomic Reynard City then I learned he’s been a very busy man. He started drawing/creating characters and comics strips at an early age.  Dan studied art through school, and onto a degree in Illustration and Design. After leaving university, he began to work professionally in animation and graphic design.

Dan has worked on several webcomics throughout the years, including Vanguard, Reynard City, Retake, Death Boy, Black Terro and Heroes Alliance/Unite.

I’m thrilled that he chose one other not so…ahem…popular character from my comic to draw. So with out further ado, (drum roll), here’s is Dan Butcher’s rendition of Thomas Edison.

Dan Butcher Fan Art for Boston Metaphysical Society


Dan’s current project is Vanguard Comic which you can read at and you can chat with him on twitter @VanguardComic.

Thank you, Dan!