Pins and Posters Have Arrived!

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For Kickstarter Backers:

I have sent out all of the digital stretch goals. So please check your Kickstarter inbox. It was brought to my attention that I did not upload Bayani #2 correctly in the first bundle. That has been corrected. (Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Also, the pins have arrived and look amazing and here’s a pic:

Boston Metaphysical Society Camera Pin

This will go on sale on my Storenvy site in May as will the trade paperback once it has gone out to backers.

I am sending out surveys in stages, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten yours yet. Next batch will go out in a couple of weeks as we get closer to the books delivery date. So far we are on track for the first week of May. Pins and pin sets will be mailed soon.

If you’ve gotten a chance to check out the Comic Bundle #1, you’ll see a terrific steampunk western comic, Legend of Everett Forge #1, is included. If you like it, then I strongly recommend supporting their Kickstarter to print Issue #2 which is going on right now!

So far the books are on schedule to arrive the first week of May.

If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still get on board over at Indiegogo.

Other News

I recently turned in a short comic story to an anthology that focuses on social and environmental issues. It’s called The Scout. That book will be crowdfunded. Once I know more details I will let you know. I’m also working on a story for another anthology and on the 2nd edition of Kickstarter for the Independent Creator. Once those are done, I will start to rewrite the Boston Metaphysical Society novel.

Upcoming Events

WonderCon (Small Press) – Anaheim Convention Center – March 31-April 2

Silicon Valley Comic Con – San Jose Convention Center – April 21-23

Free Comic Book Day at the Pasadena Library – May 6

Gaslight Gathering, Handelry Hotel, Mission Valley San Diego – May 12-14