Summer Time! What Projects Are You Working On?

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Summer Time! What Projects Are You Working On?

I hope this update finds you safe and healthy.

The various moving parts of Boston Metaphysical Society are moving along. My draft of my next novel, Boston Metaphysical Society: The House Wars (Book 1), is going off to my editor in two weeks. I finished the first draft of Episode 1 (of 8) of what I plan to be a four-hour audio play. I still have to nail down the budget on it, but I have a terrific editor and sound engineer on board. That story is called, Boston Metaphysical Society: The Ghost Ship. More on that later.  Next on the plate is the next graphic novel. As I mentioned in the last update, Gwynn Tavares is back on board as the artist.

For those of you who are curious to see what one of Gwynn’s commissions from the Kickstarter look like, the backer who pledged to this tier kindly gave me permission to post it. So here is the demon being memorized by a magical musician!


Almost all conventions are cancelled though LA Comic Con seems to think they can hold one in December.  I have  feeling that one will be cancelled as well. 🙁

Stay safe and healthy.