A Brief Announcement and a Little News

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A Brief Announcement and a Little News

I’m proud to announce that the Boston Metaphysical Society TPB dropped in your local comic book stores this week.  This has been quite a journey and I want to thank Source Point Press for taking a chance on us.

Boston Metaphysical Society Trade Cover Revealed!

If you have friends who you think would like the comic, please be sure to steer them to their local comic book store or to Source Point Press. 🙂  Or if they’d like a sign copy, they can order one through My Square Store.

Comic Book Store Locator: https://www.comicshoplocator.com/


Gwynn is back on board for our next installment! Yeah!!  As I am working on other Boston Metaphysical projects, the Kickstarter for that issue will probably run next Spring. Once I have a better handle on how things are progressing, I will let you know.

Please stay and healthy.