The Audio Drama is Funded!

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The Audio Drama is Funded!

Thank you to everyone who backed, shared, tweeted, and posted about the Kickstarter Campaign. We ended on Friday, Nov. 19 with 404 backers and over $17K. We made three stretch goals which included digital wall paper for all backers, two magnets for those who pledged to a physical reward, and a bonus for our lead and major supporting characters. So, yah!

What’s happening next:

1. According to my audio engineer, Chip, we are on track for a late January/early February delivery.  I’ll post more later as to the status of the individual episodes.

2. The Next Boston Metaphysical Graphic Novel. I want to have this to Gwynn by February of next year with a Kickstarter tentatively scheduled for the Fall. More details on that later.

3. Lady Mechanika. Marcia and Joe are buried under their own Kickstarter fulfillment, but once they are done I’ll be back to work on that.

San Diego Comic Con

I will be at San Diego Comic Con next week (Nov. 26-28). If you are attending, please stop by and say “hi” at my Small Press table L-16.

Have a great holiday week!