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I finally approved the proof! It took a little more time than usual as I’m being extra careful this being my first hardback. (And I was being super picky about the foil.)  It will take a few weeks before I get an ETA on the books, but as usual, I will keep you informed.

Also in the good news department,…the metal business cards have been ordered and the puzzles and holo stickers have arrived! I will start putting together Backerkit soon. (It’s a good tool, but a pain to set up.) So, we are moving along.

Pikes Peak Update

Elisabeth has turned in the first six pages of issue 3. She’s averaging about 3 pages every 2 weeks or so. It’s slow going, but we’re finally moving forward. Kaytee will begin coloring when 15 pages are completed as she tends to crank things out. As for running the Kickstarter for Issue 3, I’m not sure when I will do that. It really depends on how the issue progresses over the next few months. If all goes well, I’m inclined to do a short campaign in the fall to get this in your hands. Here’s a sneak peak:

However, I am moving forward with doing a hardback of Vol. 2 just in case we’re not ready.

2024 Events

Hellmouth Con. June 15. Torrance High School
American Library Association Conference. June 27-July 2. San Diego Convention Center
San Diego Comic Con, July 24-28. San Diego Convention Center (Small Press L-03)

Rose City Comic Con. Sept. 6 – 8. Oregon Convention Center, Portland.