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BMPS-Chapter-5 Table of Contents

What’s Tesla’s plan? New page up!

August was supposed to be a slower month, but now I’ve got jury duty. Gah! In the meantime, dive into Lantern City #4, which I reviewed for Fanboy Comics.

Cover of Lantern City #4

My new book,  Kickstarter for the Independent Creator,  got its first review. And it’s 5 stars!! The book covers social media, public relations, preparing your email list, interviews/podcasts, reaching out at Comic Cons and other events, crunching those numbers, avoiding postage pitfalls as well as developing your Kickstarter homepage, pre-launch strategy, campaign strategy and fulfillment.

Kickstarter for the Independent Creator

Available as an eBook and in print on Amazon,  as an eBook on Nook,  Smashwords (ePub and other formats), and iTunes.

Upcoming Events

Kickstarter Class for Independent Creators:  New class date will be posted in a few weeks.

Long Beach Comic Con: Sept. 12-13 (Emi may be there as well. I will confirm as we get closer to the date.)  And be sure to check out the panel I am moderating. It’s called:

Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Practical Strategies Panel; Sunday, Sept. 13 at 12:30 p.m. in Room 101A.

Gaslight Gathering: Town and Country Hotel in San Diego. Sept. 18-20

Convolution Con 2015: Marriott in Burlingame, CA.  Oct. 2-4

TeslaCon: Marriot in Madison, Wisconsin. Nov.  20-22


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