Boston Metaphysical Ch5 Pg22



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BMPS-Chapter-5 Table of Contents

Whoot! Not only is the last page up for Chapter 5*, but the Kickstarter is now LIVE!

I’m so excited to bring you the last issue in the mini-series. The whole team has done a fabulous job and I know you’ll love it. The art is complete and the coloring is halfway done. I anticipate that the issue will be complete either by the end of the campaign or shortly thereafter!

So, I’d really appreciate it if you could either back, post and/or retweet about the Kickstarter.

Thank you so much for your support.

Kickstarter Class For Comic Creators

Upcoming Events

Kickstarter Launch to Print Chapter 6: Oct. 7 thru Nov.  6

TeslaCon: Marriott in Madison, Wisconsin. Nov.  20-22

Kickstarter Class for Independent Creators: Next class – Jan./Feb. 2016.


*Note: Chapter 6 will not be uploaded until Jan. 2016.

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