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BMPS-Chapter-3 Table of Contents

A NEW PAGE IS UP! We’re back at the theatre where Granville and Caitlin ponder about more things than ghosts. Once again, Emi did a great job of detailing the emotions of the characters. One wonders what you would do if you were forced into such specific class and gender roles.

Lots of things happening this week…the A1 Annual Anthology is available for pre-order. Emi and I have a short story as part of the collection called THE WAY HOME. It’s the story of what happens between pages 3 and 4 of Chapter One.

Please do not forget to sign up for the KICKSTARTER EMAIL LIST. I’ll be sending more details about the Jan. 2014 Kickstarter towards the end of December.

This weekend I will be at the Long Beach Comic Con Table #1104 with Veronique Chevalier. Stop by as I promise we’ll the most fun steampunk table. 🙂 And I have more of CAITLIN’S BLOOMIN’ TEA!

Next week the comic will be on vacation for Thanksgiving, but I have NEW FAN ART that I will be posting!

Have a Happy Holiday!

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