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BMPS-Chapter-3 Table of Contents

UPDATE (6/28/14): Chapter 4 News!

I will start to upload new pages on July 10. This will allow me time to get the print version of Chapter 4 out to Kickstarter Backers. I’m hoping the books will arrive before the 4th of July holiday so I can mail them out the following week. Thank you for your patience!!

UPDATE (6/6/14): Coloring is Done!

Good news and well…other news.

The good news is Chapter 4 was sent off to the Letterer earlier this week.  The other good news is that the cover is being colored so timing wise it might work out after all. My apologies for the delay, but I have to be respectful of other people’s schedules.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE (5/12/14): The art for Chapter 4 has gone to the colorists!!

I anticipate receiving the first few pages to review the middle of this week. Obviously, it still has to go the Troy, our wonderful letterer then to Jason Dube, my production guy, to ready it for printing. However, I will start uploading new pages while it is at the printer. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES!


Yes, this is the last page for Chapter 3 as we go on hiatus while Emily works on Chapter 4. My hope is to start uploading new pages in late April, early May. My apologies for the delay, but finances and time always influence how fast we can go, but we are moving forward!!

The print edition will be available in March/April and will be shipped out to those Kickstarter backers who backed it at $20 or above and who want it ASAP. However, if you can wait until May when we can bundle your package all together with Chapter 4, please let me know at It will save us a little money on postage. EVERYTHING we save goes to the production of issue 5. And once again, thank you for backing, tweeting and posting about the Kickstarter. 🙂

If you are interested in doing any fan art while we are on hiatus, please let me know.  Please take a look at some of our past contributors. They are awesome and I can’t thank them enough. I will promote you, your work and your website as well as post a link from my website to yours. (Helps with those pesky SEO rankings.)


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