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BMPS-Chapter-3 Table of Contents

What is Tesla hiding from Samuel? Be sure to read the new page of Boston Metaphysical Society to find out!

Also, be sure to check out the review I did of X Volume 1:Big Bad for Fanboy Comics. It’s truly for the hardcore action lover.

The big news is that the Kickstarter will re-launch next week. The exact date will be determined over the weekend or early next week. However, we will be looking to fund a pre-order print run of Chapter 3. It will be 28 pages which will include the complete third chapter, plus 6 extra pages of bonus material. The Boston Metaphysical Society steampunk owl lapel pin is back as well as some new items in the rewards packages.

And it looks like The Hat and Fat will be back with more fan art in February. I can’t wait!!

Have a good weekend.


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