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BMPS-Chapter-4 Table of Contents

New Page, APE and Upcoming Events for Boston Metaphysical Society

Things heat up at the office on this new page of Boston Metaphysical Society.

The Alternative Press Expo (APE) last weekend was great! A little hot on Saturday, but we had beautiful weather on Sunday. The venue worked out well both for the creators and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. Not as much cosplay at this event as at other Cons, but I did see a girl with painted on pink skin and elf ears.  😎 (Sorry, I didn’t get a picture.)

Next on the schedule is the San Diego Comic Fest on October 17-19 at the Town and Country Hotel.  I will be on a steampunk panel and my husband will be on the JPL/NASA panel. More details on that next week.

Kickstarter Stuff: I’m still waiting on a few addresses before I ship out the tea. Most of you who pledged for the steampunk ring will probably receive that shortly if you haven’t already. Emily has the script and now I’m waiting for her to clear her schedule to start working on Chapter 5. Once I have some art, I will post sample panels.

Have a good weekend!

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