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BMPS-Chapter-4 Table of Contents

Boston Metaphysical Society – New Page, Chapter 5 News and More!

Woot! A new page is up! Things are getting a bit strained between Samuel and Caitlin. What will happen next?

Hang on to your hats as Emi has finished the cover for Chapter 5! It has been sent off to be inked and colored. Once that is done I will be mailing out the final batch of posters and Tesla pins. She is also supposed to be sending me three more pages this week. When I have signed off on those, I will be sending the first nine pages to be colored. J

Here is the cover art:

Boston Metaphysical Society Chapter 5 Cover Art

We had a great time at LOSCON over the Thanksgiving weekend. I was on a panel discussing the adaptation of Games of Thrones from novel to TV. That turned out to be a lot of fun and both my husband I got to meet some new friends and hang out with a few old.


After the first of the year, I will be teaching a Kickstarter class at Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City, CA. It will focuses on individual creators who are looking for a goal of under 10K. Having run three Kickstarters myself, I figured it was time to share what I’ve learned.  There will be a modest fee and it will run for about 3 hours. More information on that later.

Have a good weekend!

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