Boston Metaphysical Ch4 Pg5



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BMPS-Chapter-4 Table of Contents

New Page, Chapter 5 Kickstarter News and Stockton Comic Con

Things heat up between Samuel and Jonathan in this new page of Boston Metaphysical Society.

The Kickstarter for Chapter 5 will launch on August 13. It will be to fund the production and printing of Chapter 5.  Our goal will be a little higher than the last time so we can get the issue out faster.  If you’d like to receive exclusive Kickstarter updates, please sign up for the email list here:  BOSTON METAPHYSICAL KICKSTARTER EMAIL UPDATES.

We are working on a very cool Tesla lapel pin designed by Emily Hu and some other fun incentives. Stay tuned for more news!

I will be at the Stockton Comic Con on August 9 and 10. If you haven’t picked up Chapter 4 yet or a steampunk owl lapel pin that would be a good time to get them. (It’s cheaper than ordering it online.)

Have a good weekend!

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