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BMPS-Chapter-4 Table of Contents

Last Page For Chapter 4 and Kickstarter News!

Last page for Chapter 4! Wow! Can you believe it? Emily is working on Chapter 5 and the inking is done on the cover. I have sent it off to the colorist. Once that is done, I will have it printed and be mailing out more Kickstarter rewards. (Hopefully before the end of the month.) Right now it looks like I will not be uploading Chapter 5 until February to allow time for the print run to be completed and mailed to the Kickstarter backers. Here’s what the inked cover looks like:

Inked Chapter 5 Cover Of Boston Metaphysical Society

The new novella is with beta readers right now and I hope to get it to my editor by the end of the month. I am also still waiting on the tea from my supplier.


This is now scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 at Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City at 2:00 p.m. The class will run for about 2 ½ hours and will cost $40 and is designed specifically for people looking for a goal of less than 10K. I will post on how you can sign up after the first of the year.

Have a good holiday!

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